The "How To's" of a Junior Hockey Tryout

What a time to be alive, its the Junior Hockey tryout/showcase season and we are hear to give guidance from a players and coaches perspective. In our second episode of "The Junior Hockey Podcast" we discuss this topic thoroughly and try to explain both mine and coaches experience through our careers and what we have learned throughout the process. Hockey in general is a political sport, its only natural, so we discuss what we believe a young player should do in order to have the success he wants in his hockey career.

Some of the main points that we discussed have to do with the players mindset, also we talk about where players should tryout and what a coach looks for in a player in a tryout or showcase situation. We dove into the mind of a Junior Hockey Head Coach and he shares his viewpoint on what a "good" tryout player is and what it takes to get noticed by scouts. We really go into depth about the way a player should go about a tryout experience, other than a coaches viewpoint on the situation I also tune in on my experiences and what I have learned threw my 5 year Junior Hockey career. I have played for various teams in different parts of the states (East Coast, MidWest). I learned a lot about how the junior hockey world operates.

The biggest takeaway's from our podcast would have to be to do your homework and make a plan for the offseason. Attend some showcases, see who you talk to and then go from there. Don't pass up on a tier 3 junior hockey position, it is some great hockey and they really focus on development. If you work hard you will get to tier 2 and tier 1. Listen to coaches/scouts they know what they are talking about. Never burn bridges with a coach, they are always helpful and focus on guiding players to the right situation. Trust your instincts.

If any players have questions on a particular organization or need some guidance on what you should be doing this post season, Send us an EMAIL:

Listen to Episode 2 of "The Junior Hockey Podcast" on the 'Podcast Episodes' page

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