NHL Linesman, Don Henderson, files a lawsuit against Dennis Wideman

An NHL linesman by the name of Don Henderson filed a lawsuit against Calgary Flames defenseman, Dennis Wideman, on April 18th, 2017. Henderson is seeking $10.25 million dollars from Wideman. This incident happened in January of the 2016 season. Dennis Wideman absolutely destroyed Henderson from behind. Henderson has not yet returned to the ice.

This hit is absolutely brutal, one can see that Wideman showed no effort whatsoever to not hit the linesman. He had his hands down and reacted by cross checking the linesman instead of dodging him or at least hugging the ref to save him from possible injuries. Wideman, although "injured" new what he was doing, he was upset from being hit 5 seconds earlier and took it out on the referee. Wideman did receive a 20 game suspension after the incident. Which is ranked as one of the higher NHL suspensions given out. That just shows what the NHL's thought of the situation was. They don't hand out 20 game suspensions often. Only the worst of the worst get suspensions with that length. In my opinion Dennis Wideman did in fact deserve a lengthy suspension, he undoubtedly hit that referee. Also, Henderson decided to file the lawsuit the day after the flames got knocked out of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs and that is a total power move. What a guy.

There hasn't been much released about the exact details behind this lawsuit, especially with the flames declining to comment on it. Some have said that before this incident Henderson was getting criticism for "poor" officiating and was most likely not going to be an NHL linesman anymore, whether this incident happened or not. Because of that, this will be very intense and it will be very interesting to see what happens in the future.

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