What To Expect From The Junior Hockey Podcast

You might be wondering, what is The Junior Hockey Podcast?

First off, we are a podcast first and foremost. Our main vision is to be a Junior Hockey Lifestyle Brand/Podcast. We hope that we don't only bring laughs to our listeners and followers by sharing our own stories from playing junior hockey. But also helping younger players on how to navigate the Junior Hockey landscape. We have a total of 20+ years of Junior Hockey experience from playing and coaching. We arent giving a secret recipe, so don't take everything we say as an exact science. We are just sharing our personal experience from our playing/coaching days that we hope, you as the listener, can listen too and maybe learn a thing or two on how to navigate the insane world that is... Junior Hockey.

As mentioned before our main "driver" is going to be the podcast. However, we will be posting blogs along with our weekly podcast shows. Our hope for the podcast is to be raw, truthful and sometimes unfiltered. We hope to let our listeners know the truth while sharing great knowledge on how we believe Junior Hockey players can evolve and get to the level they desire.

With the podcast we will be releasing an episode every week, ranging from sharing stories to sharing knowledge. We want there to be an open dialogue between us and our followers so we will be introducing a voicemail line that all hockey players can call in and share there funniest stories from playing hockey. As we all know, when playing Junior Hockey you create a bond with the boys and the times you have can be memorable and we are the place to share those stories. If you share a story we will never release your name, we want players to know that they can share there hilarious memories and not have it lead back to them. Also, we hope that this voicemail line can be another form of communication to ask questions about hockey in general. We will mostly focus on Junior Hockey, but with us being hockey players we will talk about all things hockey. We will talk about the NHL, Olympics, Playoffs and everything in between. So ask questions about NHL trades, story lines and all around just questions about your favorite players and teams.

We have also introduced a new feature on the website that you can create a profile. You can openly comment on all of our blogs and create conversations. We will use Twitter, Comments and all other forms of Social Media to determine what you, the listeners, would like us to talk about. So feel free to tweet us and tell us what you want to hear or what you want to learn about hockey.

Throughout all three of us we have numerous connections throughout the world of Junior Hockey. We will be having guests on the podcasts. We hope to have some Coaches, Players, GM's and maybe even some proffesional players. We will give insight to not only knowledge of the game but also the Locker Room Talk side of things, in the sense that we will ask the non-traditional questions to hopefully give you someting that you won't normally hear on a standard "talk show" or sports podcast. With that being said we will also be introducing a second show every week that will be shorter than the main show. It will involve a feature we call Locker Room Talk, which will be just unfiltered, funny stories or simply stuff going on in our lives.

We will be starting our weekly shows in the beginning of September when the season kicks off. If you guys have any thoughts on what you would like to see out of us, please Tweet us, Email us, or send us a Facebook message. You can find our Social Media links below.

Check us out:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JRHockeyPodcast

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JrHockeyPodcast/

Email: thejuniorhockeypodcast@gmail.com

Reach out and send us some feedback.

Keep an eye out for our voicemail line and PLEASE share with your hockey buddies. We are confident you guys will enjoy what is in the future here at The Junior Hockey Podcast.

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