Advice for Junior Hockey Parents

When it comes to Ice Hockey there is always the question on how Hockey Parents should "act" or carry themselves throughout there kids hockey career. During childhood parents are typically involved a lot more, and when a player grows up most parents will drift away and allow the player to make more decisions on where to play and how to carry themselves when talking with coaches and scouts.

I think there is a very important factor that parents need to know when sending their son off to a Junior Hockey Organization, and that is that they need to make themselves distant from scouts and coaches. I have heard from numerous coaches say that will stay away from certain players that have parents that are too "involved" and that seem would be an issue in the future. Junior Hockey is the time that a player should grow up and learn how to deal with coaches and scouts. When parents are involved it typically pushes the message that their son is not mature enough to handle himself.

In my personal experience, I was very fortunate that my parents gave me the freedom to do my own thing when it came to Junior Hockey. I was able to play and go anywhere I wanted, year after year. My parents were never involved with coaches, owners or scouts. They simply stood by and supported me wherever I wanted to go. I have had some close friends that missed out on opportunities because their parents would constantly reach out to coaches and try to offer some knowledge that was not warranted by the coach. They thought they could send a quick email and that would in return help their son with more ice time, which is simply not true. Good coaches will want to have a communication with a players parents to the extent of getting to know his player better, so at the end of the day he can help that player improve his game to the best of his ability. This blog isn't meant to tell you what a parent should or shouldn't do, I am simply sharing my own experience on this topic and sharing what I have heard throughout the Junior Hockey world. Don't be afraid of contacting a coach, just know that dealing with Junior Hockey coaches is typically different than dealing with Youth Coaches. The Junior Hockey expierence is a great thing, just make sure not to hinder your son's experience with being to hands on with coaches and scouts.

Hofmann, a former Tier 3 Head Coach, and Gresko, an ex Junior Hockey player, talk about this subject a little more in depth on The Junior Hockey Podcast Episode 008. I suggest if this topic is intriguing to you, you should check out the podcast where we talk about these sorts of topics every week while interviewing Coaches and People in the Junior Hockey world.

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The Junior Hockey Podcast EP008 | Parenting in Junior Hockey

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