Junior Hockey Players Are NOT Employees Says Canadian Government

CTV News - Commissioner David Branch is standing firm in his belief that the players in the Ontario Hockey League are there for the love of the game, and shouldn't be getting paid for their services.

It appears that the Ontario government agrees.

Branch sent a letter to the provincial government on Monday as an effort to keep the league's 425 players under the title of amateur athletes, and not allow them to potentially become employees regulated by provincial employment standards legislation, like some people are trying to make happen.

Yeah... of course the Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League doesn't want the players to be official employees and lose there Amateur Athlete titles. This would cost him a ton of money. He doesn't want to have to pay the players, because then he would have to take money out of his own pocket.

This is a similar storyline to how NCAA athletes are treated in the states. There has been a debate going on about how NCAA athletes should be able to get paid because of how much money they are bringing into the school they attend. The same goes for the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL. The players in these leagues bring in a ton of money to there respected organizations. They should be getting paid more then they are.

CTV News - Players are currently eligible for post-secondary school scholarships, with each season spent in the league being worth one year of tuition, books and compulsory fees. Players also get money for out-of-pocket expenses, equipment, billeting and travel costs while on a CHL roster.

Don't get me wrong, these "out of pocket expenses" are great and the CHL has been awesome for this. They do pay the players in equipment, billeting, and travel cost. But is that really enough for the amount that these guys bring in each and every night? I don't think so.

The quote, "Commissioner David Branch is standing firm in his belief that the players in the Ontario Hockey League are there for the love of the game, and shouldn't be getting paid for their services." really gets me. Because when a player accepts to play in the OHL, they are firmly focused on playing some level of Proffesional Hockey. Once a player plays in the CHL, they pretty much throw out there "Amateur" title right away. They can't play in any NCAA programs, so wouldn't you say that they are not just playing for "the love of the game" and they are actually considering this a job? I would think so.

This will be a topic of discussion for a long time. We hope that the players end up getting what they want, even if there decision is that the CHL remains the same. I believe that the players should ultimately have a say in what the outcome of this is. If they want to be paid like traditional employees, then that should be put into play when it comes to decision time.

Let us know your thoughts about this topic and what you think should happen. Tweet at @JRHockeyPodcast and share your thoughts! We would love to hear!

To read the original article from CTV News click here

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