TJHP EP015 | ft. Big HeatDaddy aka 'DanyAllstar15'

Updated: Apr 14

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TJHP EPISODE 015 | ft. Big HeatDaddy aka 'DanyAllstar15'

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This episode of TJHP is hosted by Gresko and co-hosted by Hofmann with special guest Big HeatDaddy or some of you may know him as @DanyAllstar15.

In this episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast, Gresko and Hoff sit down with the beauty himself, Robby or as some of you may know him on twitter as Big HeatDaddy. This kid brings the heat and is incredibly funny and it was awesome to be able to sit down with him and talk junior hockey and share some stories of his past playing days. He played Junior A hockey on the east coach in the AJHL most of his career and then took his skills and sense of humor down to Arizona State University where he played some club hockey and really started to take off with his Twitter profile and garner the attention of a bunch of hockey players and NHL players around the world. He has amassed over 200k subscribers on Twitter and has started a company selling T-shirts and merch that the boys love. We talked a lot about his journey through junior hockey and he shared some great memories and stories from his playing days. Then we got into the DanyAllstar15 account and got the inside scoop of how it was started and what it has become. The best part is is that he started this account on a road trip with the boys on the bus. That is insane, we got a junior hockey player that started an unreal business from the back of a Charter Bus. Robby is just as funny in person as he is online. You would think that he has a group of writers for the type of content he pushes out, there is no way this kid is that funny. But yeah... he's hilarious. Everything he posts is original content and he is just a character and one funny guy. We sat down for about 45 mins with him and he did not disappoint, Hoff and Gresko couldn't stop laughing and it was great. I hope you boys enjoy all the stories.


  • Robbies Junior Hockey Career

  • Arizona State University Ice Hockey and Campus Life

  • The Old IJHL - International Junior Hockey League

  • @DanyAllstar15 twitter account

  • How it all started

  • Junior Hockey Stories

  • What is Big HeatDaddy up to nowadays?

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Make sure you boys go and follow @DanyAllstar15 when you get a chance. I am sure most of you already do since its an unwritten rule in the hockey world that you must be following him. Also, check out his new podcast called WetJeans. It's hilarious and a must-listen.

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