What You Need To Know About the Mighty Ducks Reunion and the Double Max Fine for Adam Banks

Adam Banks... someone we all looked up to as kids. Banksy was a stud in the Mighty Ducks movie series that we all watched growing up and to see it come to this is truly devastating. To have a hockey player with such poise, skill, and unreal hands end up like this, with having the most catastrophic hockey style this world has ever seen, is just something you hate to see. Not only are the figure skates brutal but he can't even tape his socks correctly. If there is one rule in hockey style, it's that you need a good shin to skate transition, and Banksy's style is what we call 'not it'. Chalk it up bud, double max fine for style violations.

Remember what he used to look like? He was ahead of the curve with that fishbowl.

Now we get a guy that doesn't even wear hockey skates? I think he went full Hollywood and maybe now he truly is a cake eater.

We wish Adam Banks the best in the future, and we sure hope this was just a fluke and something his PR staff did. But who knows. Regardless, I think the only way to get us back is to make a Mighty Ducks 4 and allow Banksy to get some redemption. Like I said, we as a hockey community cannot have this ridiculousness going on.

Adam Banks... you're better than this.

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