Only Junior Hockey Players Would Understand How Funny This Warmie Video Is

This was a game between the Steele County Blades and the Minnesota Mullets in the USPHL Midwest Division. During warmies this video was captured and it would be an understatement to call this clip absolute GOLD. Anyone that has ever played Junior Hockey understands the warmups rule of "don't cross the redline". Usually you don't even know what the exact rule is, in terms of never knowing whether you can cross your stick over and grab a puck or not. It's a gamble and it depends on who is reffing that game and what kind of mood they are in.

Watching this closely the kid goes up to the line and just stares at the ref as if he is trying to snag an extra cookie when his mom already told him no. He is contemplating his life and trying to figure out if he should one hand toe drag that puck or save the risk for another day.

Luckily, this kid is silky smooth, pulls off the one handed toe drag and continues on, as if it never happened. The best part is that the ref was just staring off into the distance probably wondering what bar he is going to after the game.

The biggest gamble in this video is that the kid definitely risked being dealt a pretty hefty fine by the boys and in my opinion should be given some type of court credit for this maneuver.

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