SNHU Hockey Player Pulls Off The Dirtiest Backhand 'Michigan' Goal Ever Seen

Let me get this out of the way, because I am sure everyone will be bringing it up... Yes, I was a big deal on the SNHU campus during my Junior Hockey days. I don't like to bring it up or talk about it, but since you guys are going too, I thought I would just get ahead of it and get it out of the way so we can focus on the real story here. Thanks.

Anyways, what a beauty of a goal, eh? This kid not only pulled the infamous 'Michigan goal' , but he did it on a backhand toe drag. It's a pretty dirty goal that you don't usually see in College Hockey, or any level of hockey.

I think the most impressive thing about this goal is that he did it half-way through the 2nd period, so any hockey player knows that his twig isn't caked with Howies Stick Wax at this point and he was still able to pull off the backhand Michigan. Also, with the amount of snow that is on the ice, especially around the net because of the typical tendy tactics, is yet another thing that makes this very impressive.

All around, great goal.

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