The Video That Finalized The Adam Banks Mighty Ducks Downfall: What A Mistake!

This is the video that started the downfall of the beloved hockey star, Adam Banks. In my last blog about this topic, I mentioned that he was ruined and it was all downhill from here. Here is the picture that was posted by the Anaheim Ducks a few weeks ago, if you wanted to remind youself of this debacle.

You can read the original blog here: What You Need To Know About the Mighty Ducks Reunion and the Double Max Fine for Adam Banks

This video SUCKS, it is so cheesy and definately not worth damaging the image of Adam Banks. He was a superstar, the best there was, just an absolute beauty.

I don't have much to say anymore. It's just disapointing to see how awful the Mighty Ducks cast, more so Adam Banks, looks in hockey equipment in 2019. You hate to see it.

Here are some funny comments that were left on the video posted by the Anaheim Ducks.

This one hits hard just becuase the way the Anaheim Ducks season is going, this might be true. I think Emilio should be given a chance in the NHL, ya know, to see if he's really got the 'it' factor.

Facts... Banksy is just a cake eater. Now more then ever. Nice figure skates you bum.

Then the commenters really turn on him...

Save the best for last. I think the biggest disapointment out of this was the fact that they couldn't even give them real skates. They were forced to wear rental skates. They should have had hockey skates, not figure skates! It's not like this was some random company that wanted to shoot a commercial, it was the Anaheim Ducks! They should know better. Why would you give childhood heroes rental skates? It just doesnt make sense to me.

You got that right, what a joke.

Whatever, at the end of the day I would still go and see a new Mighty Ducks movie. But, with that being said, I would never look at, Adam Banks especially, the same way. Just sayin'.

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