TJHP EP028 | ft. John Schwarz - Owner of Three USPHL Organizations

Updated: Apr 13

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TJHP EPISODE 028 | ft. John Schwarz - Owner of Three USPHL Organizations

This episode will be hosted by Gresko and co-hosted by Hoff with Special Guest John Schwarz - Owner of 3 USPHL Organizations.

TJHP EP028 - This week's episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast Hoff and Gresko talk with the Owner of 3 USPHL Junior Hockey Organizations, John Schwarz. He is the owner of the Chicago Cougars, Dells Ducks and the Wisconsin Rapids Riverkings. We talked a lot about what goes on in a Junior Hockey owner's world and what it takes to run a successful organization. We also talked about the current Junior Hockey landscape and what John believes has changed over the past few years. We talked about Junior Hockey tryouts and what type of influence a Junior Hockey owner has on the 'on-ice' product. We had a great conversation and hope that you can take something away from this interview. I hope you enjoy!


  • Owning a team in Junior Hockey

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Junior Hockey Landscape

  • Fighting in Junior Hockey

  • What has changed over the past few years in Junior Hockey

  • How to run successful Junior Hockey Organizations

  • Junior Hockey tryouts

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