No, I'm not talking about Michael Jordan. He's already had a comeback and it wasn't so great. Also, Michael Jackson I'm pretty sure isn't going to make an actual live appearance outside of being a hologram at some music festival.

In my last article about the USPHL Premier Playoffs that there needs to be some type of change to that entire playoff format, and certain divisions.

My fantasy answer is this… Bring back the MNJHL! Hell, we've seen Crystal Pepsi, Rosanne, and even the WHA make a comeback as WHA2 a few years back (yes, I realize they didn’t last very long) so anything is possible.

While this doesn’t help the USPHL really at all, it does help the 15 teams in the two Midwest divisions, especially with logistics of the end of season playoffs/” Nationals”.

So let’s say the entire league came to fruition. Commissioner, President, all that fun jazz is set up for run the league.

You can divide those 15 teams into maybe 2 divisions like they currently are or try and go to 3 divisions of 5 teams. Not only does this help with logistics, but also can create some great intense rivalries that the league was known for. Add a 16th team and you can go 4x4 with teams and divisions (though I don’t want to see a team added just to be added). Hell, drop 3 teams and go to two 6 team divisions (this won’t happen either as it means people will no longer have franchises that they paid for but to be honest, some of these franchises shouldn't exist anyways). It's a fantasy so you can do whatever you want!

But to be honest, I've been hearing rumors that some are looking into actually making this fantasy a reality.

So how do you leave but not screw over the USPHL and also make the league competitive in the end?

Maybe strike a deal with the USPHL that the top 2 teams from the new MNJHL faces off against their top 2 teams in their premier league and you can still have your “Nationals. Even call it the Tier 3 National tournament and maybe this sets in motion the other leagues to find a way to get involved and bring back an actual Tier 3 National Championship. Find a host site that is between both leagues or in an area that gives you the best chance to get the kids exposure for a weekend. Hell, take a move out of the EHL’s playbook and have these games happen during the week so NCAA coaches can come out and watch.

End of day, the Midwest Division splitting from the USPHL league allows them to govern and create their own playoff rules, so they aren’t playing those “participation trophy series” and also drives down some of the logistical cost for this “Nationals” tournament and playing teams that had completely different playoff structure for advancement. It could create and bring back some intense rivalries that the league is legendarily known for and allow these kids to have some of those epic memories that many alum reminisce about still to this day.

Let me know what you think and shoot me a tweet @TDC_Hockey with your own suggestions or ideas!



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