Don't Fall For This Elite Prospects Savage Hockey Dad Scam!

So recently, the Elite Prospects Twitter account posted this beauty of a tweet:

I have it in good information that the player in question is a 2020 HS graduate.

This guys setup has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese and good for Elite Prospects for doing their due diligence and finding it (though it didn't seem to be that difficult in reading the above)! I honestly didn't even know Jesse Smollett had a son...

While we all know what the parent was trying to achieve, their plan ultimately back fired and made them look like a total tool. Had their personal information gotten out, their kid, who is obviously aiming to play at a higher level next season would of been avoided like the plague (although some Tier 3 programs would of signed him because he's a body).

But this is the world we live in today, where some parents are turning into player agents for their kids and looking for any edge possible to get them somewhere or something they really don't deserve or feel they can't get on their own merit. The fact that this wasn't even the FIRST attempt by a parent recently just goes to show how jacked up people are to try and get some type of edge or what they think is better exposure for their child. Parents.... DON'T DO THIS OR BE THAT DAD/MOM. If your kid is good enough to move up the ladder, we don't even need to look at the stats to make that decision. This is INSANE!

What's next? You're going to tell me the hot mom on Full House is part of some college bribery scandal?!?!


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