NA3HL Breezy Point Player Called Out For Misogynistic Social Media Messages

Due to the severity of these claims, I would like to express that The Junior Hockey Podcast does not have all the facts. We are looking into this topic and doing our due diligence. We will report any updates as there could be more to the story.

EDIT: We received an Official Statement from the GM of the Breezy Point North Stars, Cory Bergquist. We have added the statement at the end of this article.

Not a good look for Luke here, and definitely not a great look for the Breezy Point North Stars and ultimately the NA3HL. This is definitely not something you see everyday. A girl blowing up a Junior Hockey player that, as Don Cherry would say, was acting like a JERK. Luke seemed to be a little pissed off, maybe because he played for Breezy Point and ended the year in 26th with a whopping record of 14-28-3.

Yikes. You hate to see that. Not a good look. It will be interesting to see how the league and the organization handles this situation. Should it choose to follow suit from past incidents. I would suspect their will be no action from either the league or the organization. Time will pass and it will be swept under the rug. Maybe a memo will be sent using stern language at the beginning of next season?

I think this shows a lot about the NA3HL and mostly shines a poor light on the North Stars organization. It seems as though they do not have the greatest leadership since this type of gross conduct is going on. Clearly, this breaks the leagues social media code of conduct. Junior Hockey is suppose to be about teaching these young men how to carry themselves and be respectful, kind, and courteous. NOT to allow your players to talk to women, or anyone in the community that you owe a lot too, in such a scummy way.

I hope that this kid is disciplined and realizes that this is NO way to speak to women. But then again this is coming from an organization who recently just cleaned out their coaching staff. Who knows what's going on in Breezy Point. Two words come to mind, 'damage control."

I am sure that he already realizes what he did wrong, due to this girl blowing him up and really showing the hockey community how some players in the Breezy Point organization carry themselves and represent the organization.

I ABSOLUTELY respect this girl for not only publicly tweeting out these messages, but also reaching out to the North Stars organization to let them know what is going on.

Hey Luke, hope you learned your lesson and realize the consequences of your actions. If not, I hope karma comes and bites you in the ass. We at TJHP look forward in seeing the general managers response to this.

Message to all players, don't be Luke. Be better. Always treat women with respect, not only because something like this could happen and you could get blown up on social media, but because it's the right thing to do. Especially when you represent a Junior Hockey Organization and a city that stands behind you and supports you.

REVISED, 9/27/18 @ 9:40 PM

The General Manager of the Breezy Point North Stars sent The Junior Hockey Podcast an email on 3/27/19 at 1:23pm requesting us to reach out to him. We then responded to the email asking Cory Bergquist what he wanted to discuss on 3/27/19 at1:59pm. He then responded with the following official statement on 3/27/19 at 8:29pm.


While our organization does not agree with or condone the statements that were made, there is a huge misunderstanding.

Our player contacted us immediately the morning he found out that an acquaintance had gone on his phone and used his social media without his consent.

We had our player issue an apology to the victim immediately and requested to take it down. As you can see the tweet was not taken down.

Upon monitoring the tweet over the last two days some anonymous twitter users had done investigations, of their own accord, into the scenario to see if there were two sides to the story. They in fact found that there was. They posted very scandalous photos and messages they had found of the accuser from other social media apps and platforms. These anonymous twitter users had their posts deleted because the tweets were that incriminating. There was clear interference by twitter to make this a one way argument with a biased presence.

It is disappointing to see that people have taken tweets as factual news without doing due diligence in their reporting.

Our player is an upstanding, soft spoken, young man of character who barely speaks, let alone so vulgar and takes his career seriously. We have absolutely no reason not to believe his claim of innocence. He is held in high regard by our community. We stand by him as a player of our organization. To see so many people jump to conclusions is very disappointing. It’s a poorly justified representation of what “may or may not” have happened.

To have our organization mocked and belittled in an article so quickly over something that has a false premise by an organization, your organization, is disheartening. One hopes that you would look deeper into a scenario that could possibly affect a young adults future. Frivolous journalism is not news, nor is twitter. These are hard working young adults and this scenario happened to one of the good ones.

I just ask that you either take down your article or at least reach out before releasing an article with half the facts. Your organization is better than that.

These players in our league deserve to be represented in a manor of professionalism regardless of how “juicy” the story may seem. That doesn’t just go for our organization, but for all of the hockey industry, sports industries, and news companies.

We wish you the best, but at this time the matter is closed in our books.

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