Is Seattle Releasing #TheKraken?

What started off as a funny joke I'm sure has suddenly launched into a legit possibility.

Seattle will be the next team in line to be getting an NHL franchise and in doing so, they have not officially released their team name quite yet. But that hasn't stopped many from speculating or giving out their ideas.

One that keeps gaining momentum and coming up is "The Seattle Krakens". Check out this Tweet from Jenny Durkan, the of Seattle:

So where does this name come from?

Originally the meme "Release the Kraken" came from that terrible "Clash of the Titans" film back in 2010 with Liam Neeson who was in between movies trying to find ways to save his daughter and wife who can't stop getting kidnapped 3 straight times:

End of the day, will Seattle be releasing the Kraken? Here's the odds below from back last year:

So what do you think?



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