TJHP EP035 | Reminiscing With The Boys - Junior Hockey Stories

Updated: Apr 13

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TJHP EPISODE 035 | Reminiscing With The Boys - Junior Hockey Stories

This episode will be hosted by Gresko and co-hosted by Susi with Special Guests Rainer Londino-Green and Nick Castellano.

TJHP EP035 - This week's episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast, Sus and Gresko talk with Rainer Londion-Green and Nick Castellano and reminisce the good ole days of Junior Hockey when we all played together or against each other. We shared some stories and caught up. Rainer and Costo shared some unreal stories from our Junior Hockey days and we had a ton of great laughs. Rainer is currently coaching in Junior Hockey, and Costo is playing at the University of Mississippi. We all played together in the old MNJHL for the Rochester Ice Hawks. We had a lot of great memories together and we spent this episode catching up and telling some of our favorite stories from the best years of our lives. We hope you guys enjoy this episode since it is a different format from our typical interview-based podcast. We hope to do more of these in the future and just have a fun time recording and catching up with former teammates and other Junior Hockey players.


  • Junior Hockey Stories

  • Pranks

  • Junior Hockey Memories

  • Coaching after aging out

  • The difference in Junior Hockey

  • NHL

  • NHL Playoffs

  • Hofnasty Bracket Challenge

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