Sweet Sweaters and Bulls New Voice

So Danbury's new NA3HL team, the Danbury Colonials have finally come out with their new jerseys. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I am an absolute junkie for an awesome sweater, and the Danbury Colonials are going to have some awesome sweaters. Through my years I have accumulated quite the multi-sport jersey collection. This obsession with jerseys started when I was young when I had not only my Brett Favre jersey, but the jersey of my all-time favorite NFL player. The Minister of Defense, Reggie White. I think I wore that jersey till the printed numbers on the mesh fell off. Ever since then I have been on a mission to collect as many awesome jerseys and sweaters as I can. I am still waiting on the Texas Roadrunners to release their new threads. I think, if done right, they can have some really cool jerseys. Their color scheme and their logo have all the makings of some sick tarps. But back to Danbury:

At first glance, they remind me a lot of the Fort Wayne Komets jerseys. This isn't a bad thing because the Komets jerseys are incredible. More often than not orange is going to look good on a jersey. In fact, I wish their were more teams in professional leagues that had some sort of orange color in them. The second thing I noticed was that they will be using 3 different jerseys. I haven't seen this too much in the NA3 because most of the teams I've watch have a home jersey and an away jersey. But, their alternate jersey looks just as good. Especially since it appears to be a throw back jersey gone right. According to their website this third/throw back jersey pays homage to Colton Orr who is one of the managing partners for the team. The lettering is similar to the New York Rangers blue jerseys. My favorite has to be the black/orange jersey. Props to whoever designed them. On Danbury's website it says that in the future they will be making jerseys that are available for purchase. I may have to find a few extra bucks and grab one.

In other news, longtime voice of the NAHL's Amarillo Bulls, Denis J. Puska has stepped down from his position as the voice of the Bulls. He will be returning home to Canada. Puska, has called over 700 games spanning his 13 seasons in Amarillo. According to the Amarillo Bulls website he has accepted an on-air position at a radio station back in Ontario. Stepping into that role for the Bulls will be Mark Shelley. Mark will be the Director of Broadcasting/Media and Community Relations for the upcoming season. Mark has worked for Cornell University with their wrestling and women's hockey teams.

Hopefully it won't be much longer and the NA3HL 2019-2020 schedule will be released. We are quickly approaching the start of the season. With the NAHL playing the tournament in Russia in Mid-August we really only have roughly 4 more weeks until we get to see live games again. Then junior seasons should begin kicking off in September! The college commitments are still rolling in and I believe the NAHL is up to 336 now and the NA3HL is hovering around 100 commitments.

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