I Finally Got The Junior Hockey Invite Of My Dreams and Why You Probably Did Too!

There are things in life that we some times wish for, but never actually get, for example that Mustang you wanted for your 16th birthday. But then there are things that you some times wish for and don't immediately get it, but later on in life you do (like that same Mustang).

Tuesday I finally got that wish and it came into my inbox at 10:40am.

It Finally happened! I got my invite to take part in a "Top Talent, Premium Exposure, Elite Hockey Camp" hosted by the USHL Youngstown Phantoms and the Maryland Black Bears of the NAHL!!! My mother is going to be so proud of me and I'm sure when my dad comes back after going out 22 years ago and getting cigarettes at the store he will be too! (Yes I realize I have a messed up sense of humor. I will link my paypal account if you'd like to help fund my therapy).

Even the boys were happy for me!

So what does this all mean? Do I get to live out my life long dream of trying to play Tier 1 or 2 juniors?

Absolutely not, mainly due to the fact that I'm 30 FREAKING YEARS OLD!

What this essentially means is that some how my email got kicked into a "player category" and dropped into a mailing list to find players willing to spend the money to get exposure and come to these camps hoping to be put on the radar for the 2020-21 season and beyond.

Is this exposure bad? No I mean they claim there will be clubs from the NAHL, EHL and some NCAA D1 and D3 coaches.

Is it worth $399? Outside of a jersey it doesn't tell me how much ice time someone is going to get, but again it's your money so it's your call.

If you receive this type of email please realize though; you are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake (and I'll end the Fight Club Quote there). Anyone can receive them and all they need is your email. Numerous people get them and it happens with teams from ALL junior leagues, all the time. At least I wasn't BCC'ed on this one and it went straight to my email address so it was a tad more personalized I guess.

Choose your path wisely and get all the facts when you receive these emails if you are truly intereted. You never know, some 30 year old, out of shape, 5'9" bald man might have gotten the same one and I'm coming for my spot....


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