If You Haven't Seen It, HockeyGiant.com Has Fully Moved To Pure Hockey

So it seems that everyone's favorite discount hockey equipment website is no longer in service. Yes, the hockeygiant.com website is no more.

But, the website domain is still out there and usable. If you go to it, you will see it now redirects you to its new owner, Pure Hockey.

But, I guess it's not really a "new" owner technically as the actual acquisition of hockeygiant.com took place back in October of 2015 per this prnewswire.com article:

HOLLISTON, Mass., Oct. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pure Hockey, LLC announced today that it has acquired all of the assets and ongoing business of SportsGiant, LLC. Sports Giant includes ice hockey retailer Hockey Giant and online property HockeyGiant.com (among other online properties). HockeyGiant.com was one of the original online sellers of hockey gear and related product and remains among the largest online retailers.

Somewhat of an under the radar move as just recently many people noticed that Total Hockey, a competitor in the hockey equipment market, was also purchased and rebranded as Pure Hockey.

According to Worchester Busniess Journal, the entire rebranding of stores took place in September 2017:

Pure Hockey, LLC, a Holliston-based national retailer of hockey equipment, announced Thursday that it is rebranding all of its stores as Pure Hockey.

The company acquired two competitors in the last two years -- HockeyGiant and Total Hockey -- giving the company a total of 53 retail locations across the country and four web stores. Those HockeyGiant and Total Hockey locations will now carry the Pure Hockey name.

In what is a typical move in the business world, we just saw one company purchasing a smaller competitor but keeping the competitors business separate. Pure Hockey finally 4 years later decided to merge and rebrand Hockey Giant to put everything under one roof.

What's funny is that Pure Hockey has been running HockeyGiant.com for over the last 4 years unnoticed by many, and the discounts and savings you got before with HockeyGiant.com will allegedly follow over to Pure Hockey.

Luckily as a fail-safe we still have hockeymonkey.com that will hopefully keep things honest and provide competition to keep getting equipment and goods at a fair and possibly discounted price.


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