TJHP EP052 | Diving Into The Depths Of The Current Junior Hockey Landscape ft. Jeff Nygaard

Updated: Mar 30

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TJHP EP052 | Diving Into The Depths Of The Current Junior Hockey Landscape ft. Jeff Nygaard

This episode will be hosted by Gresko, joined by Hof and Jeff Nygaard.

TJHP EP052 - This week's episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast, Gresko and Hof are joined by TJHP's Editor in Chief, Jeff Nygaard. We discuss what the future of TJHP is and what exactly Jeff plans to do in an editorial sense for TJHP. Given Jeff's vast knowledge of the Junior Hockey Landscape and his experience in being the EHL Executive Director, the USPHL Commissioner and owning some Junior Hockey Organizations in the past, we attempt to pick Jeff's brain and really dive into some of the issues that are happening in today's junior hockey world. We also discuss the business side of the game and just how that affects the product on the ice for leagues all around the United States. With Hof and Gresko wanting the Junior Hockey National Championship to come back, Jeff thinks otherwise and we get into the discussion of why it went away, if it should come back, and what the true purpose of it really was. We had a great conversation with Jeff and hope you enjoy this episode. As always, thanks for listening!


  • The Future of TJHP

  • Junior Hockey Landscape

  • The Business side of Junior Hockey

  • Ownership in Junior Hockey

  • League Executives

  • Junior Hockey National Championship

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Jr. Hockey Podcast Episode #52

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