• Jeff Nygaard

The Struggle Bus Begins Its Route: NA3HL Teams Disappear & Others With Low Rosters

No doubt the North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL) scheduler was scrambling yesterday morning as the league had two teams disappear over the weekend. The Canton Cubs, formerly the Cape Cod Islanders, and the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Knights, which transferred its membership from the Eastern Hockey League to the NA3HL during this past off-season, are no longer on the league standings page. The Knights were the original EHL league playoff champion in 2013.

There were no announcements made by either NA3HL team, or the league, regarding these two franchises despite the fact the NA3HL season kicked off play last weekend.

In the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) there were no dropouts but there were a handful of games played with very short benches over the weekend.

  • The Buffalo Thunder took to the ice Saturday with 14 skaters and one goalie (BOX SCORE)

  • The Detroit Fighting Irish dropped a 16-3 decision with 12 skaters and three goaltenders, getting outshot 78-25 in the process (BOX SCORE)

  • The Midwest Blackbirds opened with 14 skaters and two goalies (BOX SCORE)

The Eastern Hockey League Premier (second division of the EHL) was not immune to the early season, short-bench drubbings:

  • The Valley Jr. Warriors kicked off the season with 11 skaters and three goalies but only lost 3-1 (BOX SCORE)

The EHL's top division also got int the act:

  • The North Carolina Bears opened with 15 skaters and two goalies while taking a 18-3 beating and giving up 71 shots (BOX SCORE)

  • New York Applecore opened with 15 skaters and dropped a 5-2 decision, getting outshot 41-20 in the process (BOX SCORE)

Time will tell if the GMs of these teams can scramble enough players to make it through the season.

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