TJHP EP059 | Breaking Down The Epidemic That Is The Shortage Of Officials Across All Of Hockey

Updated: Mar 27

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TJHP EP059 | Breaking Down The Epidemic That Is The Shortage Of Officials Across All Of Hockey

This episode will be hosted by Gresko, joined by Jeff and Hoff.

TJHP EP059 - This week's episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast, Gresko is joined by Jeff Nygaard and Eric Hofmann. We discuss the shortage that we are seeing across the entire USA Hockey landscape. There has been a huge spike in hockey players, however, there has been a "dip" in the officiating pool. We are heading toward a time that there will be real effects on this shortage and games will not be played. We talk about how this may affect higher levels of officiating, the breakdown of how exactly officials are assigned and trained. Jeff shares some stories from his countless years of officiating from the mite level to the professional levels. Also, Jeff shares his viewpoints on what could solve this overarching issue and what he believes is the reason for the shortage and high attrition rates we are seeing today in 2019. We hope you enjoy this episode and as always, thank you for listening and supporting everything we do here at TJHP.


  • Shortage... The Numbers

  • How it Affects Higher Levels of Officiating

  • How Hockey Hasn't Developed hand-in-hand With Officiating

  • Stories About Jeff's Career in Officiating

  • Solutions for Officiating Shortage and Attrition

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