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VR Hockey? Yeah it's as cool as it sounds...

January 16, 2019



Virtual Reality (VR) in Hockey? Oh geeze somethin' I wish I had in my basement during my Junior Hockey Career. Can you imagine having something like this in the locker room or maybe even at the billet house? I probably could have broken out of Tier 3 with this type of Technology. Mom and Dad would have been proud of me.


On a serious note, this Technology is pretty sick and it could really help improve the already insane skill level that you see kids with these days. The game is forever changing and Virtual Reality is the next big Training Tool. With the infusion of realistic hockey training simulators in Virtual Reality  Let's bring it to Junior Hockey. 


I am curious to see when this technology is truly used in the game of hockey and a common training tool among hockey organizations. It is still a new concept, so I couldn't imagine what this will look like in 5 years. This will probably be used to full out play hockey games. Sure would fix the concussion epidemic in the sport of hockey. 


Let me know your thoughts, leave some comments below!




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