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TJHP EP025 | NHL All-Star Game, Kendall Coyne, Women Playing in the NHL, USHL talk, Our Thoughts on What Junior Hockey Is

February 4, 2019

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TJHP EPISODE 025 | NHL All-Star Game, Kendall Coyne, Women Playing in the NHL, USHL talk, Our Thoughts on What Junior Hockey Is


This episode will be hosted by Gresko and co-hosted by Hoff.


TJHP EP025 -  This weeks episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast Hoff and Gresko talk about some recent Hockey stories along with the breakdown of the USHL. We discuss NCAA Division 1 hockey and schools that have multiple NHL Draft Picks and are not ranked very high. We talk about how weird it is and what the possible reasons for that is. Hoff and I debate women's Ice Hockey, Kendall Coyne in the NHL All-Star Game and what we think was the reason behind having her involved. We also chat about what the future of the NHL could be and how we feel about women playing in the NHL someday. We also share our thoughts on what Junior Hockey means to us. Hope you guys enjoy this episode, we talked about a lot of great topics, so feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts!



  • LA Rams "Get Back Coach"

  • NHL All-Star Game

  • Kendall Coyne

  • Alexandria Blizzard NA3HL crazy crowd turnout

  • Hoff's NCAA - NHL Draft Picks Blog

  • What is Junior Hockey?


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We hope that you guys enjoy this episode. We will continue to improve in all aspects, so if you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to DM us on twitter @JRHockeyPodcast Email Us: thejuniorhockeypodcast@gmail.com.



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