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TJHP EP050 | The Boys Share the Truth About Billeting and The Impact It Has On Junior Hockey Players

September 3, 2019

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TJHP EP050 | The Boys Share the Truth About Billeting and The Impact It Has On Junior Hockey Players


This episode will be hosted by Gresko, joined by Rainer and Pauly.


TJHP EP050 -  This weeks episode of The Junior Hockey Podcast, Gresko is joined by Rainer and Pauly. We discuss what is more likely, a Tier 3 team beating an NAHL team or an NAHL team beating a USHL team? We also talk about our personal experiences with billeting during our Junior Hockey careers and how we believe that it has a huge impact on players for the rest of their lives. We share some stories and talk about our Junior Hockey careers and how billets made it all that much better. The boys also get into sharing some Main Camp stories and how much work actually goes into those 2 weeks before the season starts. We hope you enjoy this one! Thanks for listening and make sure to share with the boys, parents, coaches, or just anyone else in the hockey community! We appreciate all the support and we hope you continue supporting TJHP and enjoying the content that we are producing!



  • Would a Tier 3 team beat an NAHL team?

  • Would an NAHL team beat a USHL team?

  • Billeting in Junior Hockey

  • Main Camp Stories


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We hope that you guys enjoy this episode. We will continue to improve in all aspects, so if you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to DM us on twitter @JRHockeyPodcast or Email us: thejuniorhockeypodcast@gmail.com.



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